Teflon Wire 20 AWG Manufacturer

Huadong teflon wire 20 AWG manufacturer
Huadong Teflon wire 20 AWG manufacturer

There are lots of Teflon insulated high temperature wire sizes in the market. And 20 AWG teflon wire is one of the types. However, 20 AWG Teflon wire insulations are different. You can choose PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE insulated 20 AWG Teflon cable according to your requirement.

Where to buy quality and cheap Teflon wire 20 AWG?

Huadong Cable Group is a professional Teflon wire 20 AWG manufacturer. If you are looking for a reliable 20 AWG Teflon wire supplier, Huadong will be your ideal choice. Because as a leading 20 AWG Teflon wire supplier, here are some advantages of Huadong Cable Group. In fact, Huadong Cable Group is a famous Teflon wire 20 AWG cable brand in China.  What’s more, we export 20 awg Teflon cable around the world for over twenty years. Such as Yemen, Indonesia, Philippines, Germany, Denmark, Australia, Zambia, United States, Canada and so on. Therefore, if you need to buy high temperature wire, please kindly send your inquiry to us. Email: sales@hdchightemperaturewire.com

20 awg teflon wire price per meter Voltage: 300v / 600v

Conductor: Nickel plated copper wire / Tinned plated copper wire / Silver plated copper wire

Insulation: Teflon PTFE / PFA / FEP / ETFE

Wire Size: 20 AWG

Temperature: -60°C~+260°C

Color: Blue / Orange / Yellow / Gray / Purple / Red / Black / White / Green / Brown / Transparent

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Besides, Huadong Group Group has 20 AWG Teflon wire production experience over 30 years. We have two large Teflon wire 20 AWG cable factory and four 20 AWG Teflon wire production lines. What’s more, the workers on our PTFE Teflon wire 20 AWG cable production line are highly skillful and experienced. In addition, every step of the 20 AWG Teflon wire production process has undergone rigorous testing. So you can rest assured about our Teflon wire 20 AWG cable quality. Then please leave your requirements now, we will supply 20 AWG Teflon wire price and Specification.

How to identify the quality of 20 AWG Teflon wire?

There are numerous Teflon cable suppliers in the world. However, which Teflon wire 20 AWG supplier’s products are the most quality and cheap? Each Teflon supplier has a field that they are good at. Huadong Cable Group specializing in the production of Teflon insulated high temperature wire. In addition, we are also professional in 20 AWG cable PFA insulated Teflon cable export. We have a professional foreign trade sales team. From the time you send an inquiry to receive 20 AWG Teflon wire, you will be served sincerely throughout the process. Besides, I believe you will be satisfied with our Teflon cable 20 AWG quality and price. Email: sales@hdchightemperaturewire.com

20 guage teflon wire high temperature silicone rubber cable supplier

Get best 20 AWG Teflon insulated high temperature wire price

In order to supply excellent 20 AWG Teflon wire cable, we use high quality nickel/silver/tinned plated copper conductor material and Teflon (PTFE/PFA/FEP/ETFE) insulation material. Because we are direct 20 AWG Teflon wire manufacture, you can get factory price. In addition, if your order is great, we can give you discount 20 AWG Teflon insulated high temperature wire price. Generally speaking, we package 20 AWG Teflon cable by roll or wooden drum or according to client’s requirement. Because we can sell 20 AWG Teflon wire to Germany, Poland, Denmark, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Myanmar, Canada, United States, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, just feel free to send your inquiry. Email: sales@hdchightemperaturewire.com

Huadong 20 AWG Teflon wire customer cases
Huadong 20 AWG Teflon wire customer cases

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